" From dogs to 
dresses, my mom 
can make almost
anything from 
balloons! " 

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...Creating Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!

Art with a TWIST...

This is an exciting, hands on workshop that introduces older children, teens and adults to the art of balloon twisting. This program encourages the use of fine motor skills & creativity while teaching students the techniques needed to twist their own balloon creations! 

This class usually lasts approx. 2 hrs. During this time students receive a brief overview on the history of balloons as well as balloon safety and then learn how to make a dog, giraffe, flower, palm tree, sword, & at least 1-2 hats all from balloons.

The length of this class can be shortened to meet your scheduling needs, but please keep in mind that the students will not have time to learn as many designs if the class is less than 2 hrs.