"From dogs to dresses,
 my mom can make almost
 anything from balloons."

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NEW for Summer 2018! 

Kids of all ages will enjoy this one-of-a-kind show as they are introduced to the science of sound! 

This music themed show uses balloons in various sizes and shapes to demonstrate how vibrations create sound, explore high & low frequencies & so much more. Your young patrons will squeal with delight as they see the balloons 'talk' and even 'sing' a tune! They will learn how they can use ordinary round balloons to make their own musical instruments at home. 

The fun will really be cranked up when audience volunteers are adorned in costumes made from twisted balloons and invited to come up on stage to be the stars of Miss Aimee's highly-interactive storytelling. For the grand finale, everyone is encouraged to participate as we 'boogie' along to some fun music.

* This show features the book Barnyard Boogie by author Tim McCanna & was designed to match the 2018 CTLS Summer Reading Program Theme, Libraries Rock!